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The following sections show which skills I have aquired throughout my career as a software developer and through personal projects.
The bars show how confident I am at utilising each skill relative to each other.


my favorite programming language:
currently using in a professional environment:
other languages I am familiar with:
C / C++


my favourite framework:
[PHP] Laravel
[C#] WPF
[Javascript] VueJS


On January 8, 2019 I completed the requirements to be recognized as a Microsoft Certified Professional by passing the exam #483: "Programming in C#".

Programming in C# - Exam Passed Badge
"Programming in C#" - Exam Passed Badge

About me

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.

Martin Golding

... is one of my favourite quotes. If I had to describe how I write code, this would be an adequate summary. I strive to make my code easy to read and simple for others to understand. But at the same time it should be performant and elegant.

How I got into coding

My name is Ricardo Boss and I was born on November 11, 1998 in Germany. I guess this makes me a kid from the (late) 90s which could explain my early interest in computers, programming and video games. I started using the computer as a place where I could do anything: be Picasso (in MS Paint), play my favourite games and browse the web. I first started looking into coding when I wanted to see what websites are made of. That's when I discovered HTML.

After I got into making simple websites with HTML5 and CSS3, I started digging into my first programming language: Java. Since I played a lot of games at that time, it was obvious to me what I could use my new skills on. I wrote plugins (extensions) for game servers.

So at this point I was aware that there are many more programming languages and I was eager to learn more of them. I thought a good developer knows everything about all programming languages. This is obviously not the case, but I still had to learn this. To summarize: I taught myself PHP, C# and a bit of Javascript. While working with those languages (including Java), I got a feel for how different they can be. Their characteristics and imperfections. It turned out that I loved PHP the most and many of my projects are written in it.
Not all my projects are public, but you can find many of them on my GitHub.


Aside from all the coding, there was school. Hey, to be a real nerd, I had to learn the basics first, right? After primary school, I went straight to high school. The first two years there were like hell in terms of exercises during class and especially homework.
In the following years I was prepared for taking my A-level exams in the subjects Physics, Maths, English, Politics and, as my oral exam, Computer Science. I graduated from high school in the year 2017.

After I left the high school, I tried studying Computer Science at University of Bremen but I quickly realised that the whole subject was handled way too scientific for me. I wanted to work on real code. So I decided to go for an apprenticeship. And this is were I am today: working at a company called TRENZ GmbH. They were the ones who gave me the chance to become a Microsoft Certified Professional and I can't be thankful enough for this opportunity. My apprenticeship will probably end in June of 2020.

What I do other than coding

Occasionally, after I come home from work, I would go for a quick 30-minute run and see how far I get. I also like to play video games with my friends.
I don't do much other than programming but I am open for new experiences.

So, that's it. That's me. If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail: