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No new content for a long time

Created at 9/27/2020

Hi there! As one can obviously see, I haven't created any posts in the last two months. And to be honest, the first two posts where only there to test my new website.

With this small update, I want to give the reader a bit of insight on what topics I find interesting and what could be a topic for fully fledged blog post in the future.

These are topics which I will most likely be writing about in the future. No guarantees.

  • Laravel (PHP Framework)
  • Minecraft Server Plugins (Java)
  • CI/CD (GitLab and Github)
  • Raspberry PI as a .NET Core runtime target
  • Games (probs Rocket League and/or Factorio)

That's it for now. If you want me to write something about a certain topic, hit me up on Twitter (@_ricardoboss).

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